About our paper consumption - and my sustainable idea of the eCard (Anja)

Before I came up with my digital invitation card idea, I designed print cards for many years. And had them printed. At some point, it frustrated me how incredibly much paper we use and I thought to myself, I wonder what happens to all that paper left over from a print shop? To help you understand what I mean, I've got some invitation card facts for you today.

Secrets from the print shop

Did you know:⁠

  • that in a print shop's printing line, a large proportion of paper waste is generated by sheets that have become defective or printed incorrectly during printing?
  • that on average, finishing, further processing and final trimming result in paper waste that accounts for 10-25% of the job, depending on the job.
  • that a large proportion of printed invitation cards, greeting cards or information cards end up directly in the paper waste?

⁠But: paper is a valuable resource - we so often forget that in everyday life!

eCard: the sustainable and paperless alternative

I don't use any paper for my eCards - and neither do you!

You order an eCard online, which is completely paperless from the order confirmation to the invoice. You send me your personal customizations with the order - so we save paper here, too. As soon as your eCard is finished, you will receive a link from me, which you can use to save the card on your cell phone. Digital, paperless!

I recommend you to create a folder for eCards in your gallery. Then you can always find them and send them from there easily & as often as you like. Again, you save paper every time you send a digital eCard directly from your phone. If you would send a paper card by mail, there would be the additional burden of a necessary transport; first from you to the mailbox, then from there by mail to the recipient.

Yes ok, a cell phone is of course also not necessarily environmentally friendly. But I think that nowadays almost everyone owns one. We have the opportunity to use it as long as possible in a resource-saving way and then dispose of it sensibly and put it into the recycling loop.

Want to try out an eCard for free? Then download a free digital card right now and get started!

Please send digital cards - for the sake of the environment

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