Trotz fehlender Zeit: Hier findest du die richtige Mottoidee zum 50. Geburtstag

Despite the lack of time: here you will find the right motto idea for the 50th. Birthday

Despite the lack of time: here you will find the right motto idea for the 50th. Birthday

Turning fifty...is a big deal (for me too). What a big number! Impressively big!!! Five decades, half a century. How great that it YOU been there for so long.

Make 50 yours Fest: Five decades is really a good reason to celebrate a proper birthday bash just the way you like it. A party for you and all your guests, combined with memories of all your and your shared life events. Use the new casualness of your life experience and invite to a boisterous, cool, extravagant - or even very calm and relaxed - birthday party on the occasion of your 50th birthday.

One of the first big questions you might ask yourself for the party is: what party idea do you suit me? How do I want to celebrate? Think about what's good for you - and then celebrate accordingly!

Hey: you are with me precisely, if you are possibly still looking for wonderful and great ones ideas for your celebration are you! Because I love planning, decorating and organizing celebrations. That's why I'm going to tell you my tips and tricks on how to celebrate your 50th birthday in a grand way:

 Einladungskarte gold glitter Konfetti zum 50. Geburtstag, Einladung als eCard versenden

Party with glamour, gold & glitter

How about a really cool one, for example Oscarparty. You and your birthday guests, you all throw yourself into big evening gowns and pop the corks. A red carpet? Why not! Champagne? Sure, of course! Loud music? Canapés and a festive buffet just the way you like it? Everything can, nothing has to! Well, I could imagine it being fun - after the last few years with the Corona break - to get the fine thread out of the closet, to dress up completely again. Together in a big robe to celebrate!

Hollywood-Party oder OscarsNight - Einladungskarten mit Glanz und Glitter

Party motto: give me your talent

Have you ever thought about wishing you a little surprise from every guest instead of a gift? This is my idea for the hilarious celebration in small, intimate circle of family and friends. Your 50th birthday is basically the stage and every guest can/may/must participate in (your) one Talent show participate. At this party according to the motto "an appearance as a gift“, easypeasy guests big and small can take part in equal measure … and real fun is inevitable.

The invitation text for this celebration could be as follows:


You are invited: on Friday, April 23, from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

At 50 I'm soooo old that I have almost everything and just want to have fun. Instead of gifts, I wish from the bottom of my heart:

Your participation in my birthday talent show!

* Talent is not required, but an appearance is mandatory
** Get out of you (and your costume closets) what you love and can do!

Feiern im Familienkreis, Familienfest, Auftritt

Party without end: Open House / Open Day

You can easily organize one at home, in your favorite restaurant or in the clubhouse for your fiftieth Open day. OPEN HOUSE, so to speak. It is best to set a time frame for this in your invitation. Then your guests will know exactly when they can happily drop by your place. Everyone can choose the most suitable time for themselves and surprise you a little bit with their visit.

A delicious buffet with finger food or a fat cake buffet are perfect for an open house: You can easily prepare it. And on the "Day of the Day" you have time for your guests, who roll in and out whenever they want. If you are hungry or fancy a snack, you can simply help yourself to the delicious birthday buffet.

Your party invitation for a whole weekend

Yes, that is possible! How nice is the idea: reminiscing with friends, being able to forget space and time. To laugh, to chat and to dig up lots of memories. If you, like me, are a friend of nature and the mountains, then you will find exactly the right invitation card for this idea in my shop. Nothing for you? Then I would be happy to design it for you too an individual card. Weekend party ideas come to mind spontaneously

  • a golf weekend
  • a shipping
  • a weekend at sea & beach
  • a meeting in the old homeland
  • a weekend in your favorite city

If you are planning a multi-day celebration, it is best to inform your guests in good time. As soon as the date of the celebration has been set, you can easily send a suitable save-the-date card. So everyone can reserve the date in the calendar. This gives you enough advance planning time and you can calmly determine all the details for your milestone birthday. You then send it with the invitation.

Einladungskarte zum 50. Geburtstag Save the date digitale Einladung schnell versenden

Type karaoke, cocktail or brunch?

Oh, I can think of so many mottos that go for a fifties party:

  • a boisterous one Karaoke-Party with the best songs from your youth and current favorite hits.
  • one Cocktail Party Night with the bartender from your favorite bar (or your offspring who is already so old that he mixes cocktails for you all night long)
  • birthday breakfast
  • Invitation to brunch
  • African night, burger party or French feast with many courses: celebrate your 50th birthday with impressions from your favorite country
  • First Name Dress Up Party: Everyone comes in a costume that starts with the first letter of their first name. For example, Anja comes as a fisherman, Maya as a sailor.

A celebration with flowers

Flowers take time. To unfold their full beauty, to bloom. We humans too. What could be nicer than celebrating your 50th birthday in a colorful and beautiful way lots of flowers to celebrate.

  • You can make the table decoration lush and colorful with flowers and blossoms
  • Cocktails can be beautifully decorated with floral decorations
  • every guest receives a small flower pin, a flower necklace or a flower wreath as a small welcome gift
  • There are small flower pots/flower arrangements as place cards – which every guest can take home at the end of the party

Meaningful & lasting gift idea for a 50th birthday:

And finally, the big question for your guests remains: What would you like as a birthday present for your milestone birthday? It would be nice if you wished for something for your 50th birthday that you will remember forever and will always remind you of the day.

Here you will find - regardless of whether you are a man or a woman - a small selection of gift ideas for a 50th birthday

Geschenkidee zum 50. Geburtstag

And? How will you celebrate your 50th birthday? Large? Small? No matter how: I promise you that together we will find a suitable eCard as an invitation for your 50th birthday!

All the best,

your Anya


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