Tolle digitale Einladungskarten mit Glitter und Gold für deine Grillparty oder deinen Geburtstag.

Looks loose for loosening?

Looks loose for loosening?

The longing in me and my family is great to finally meet family and friends again carefree. Just for the fun of it. to invite you to your birthday. A small garden party to organize. Grilling together, sitting comfortably together and laughing a lot.

How is it with you? After more than a year in restricted life with Corona. Before sheer joy invitation eCards are bubbling up ideaswhat we'll be back soon celebrate could, just out of me.

Tolle digitale Einladungskarte papierlose Einladung Karte mit dem Handy versenden


your party (Your invitation.

So let's start thinking about what we could do as we wish: I would love to have our favorite friends for a little one BBQ night invite. And immediately notice that I'm a bit out of practice being a hostess. Shall we grill burgers? And bake the buns yourself? Plus my homemade ColeSlaw. Or is that somehow too much? And we prefer to “just” grill a great piece of meat and lots of vegetables? I'll put it this way: It's best to dream for a moment and then make it easy

Since I love sending and designing invitations, I naturally had a few thoughts and eCards for a nice barbecue evening or a BBQ conjured. Of course, I put them in my shop for you right away: And I'm curious to see if you're so keen on inviting guests.

 Tolle Einladungskarten für den Grillabend, die Grillparty, Gartenparty oder BBQ. Papierlose Karte mit dem Handy via whatsapp versenden.

An eCard personalized for your event costs you about as much as a standard paper card plus postage. The advantage: All important information is already on it. You can send them more than once: namely as often as you like, to all guests who should come.

Finally celebrating a birthday again!

Yes, most of us “celebrated” our last birthday with those who, due to the corona, have them around all day anyway. Or we sat down with dear friends for a drink in front of the PC and at least “saw” each other like that. The prospect of loosening makes you want to celebrate somehow “real” this year.

Even if only 10 people can come together in the near future: That's a great view and definitely better than nothing!!! So, get planning and don't hesitate too long. Because it could of course happen that a lot of people want to celebrate and the weekend appointments are quickly booked! Just one Save-the-Date Send the card and then, when all the details are set, the right invitation card afterwards.

No matter when you think about inviting: You will have a personalized eCard in no time!

Even if you short term are considering announcing your party with an original invitation: After a few minutes you will have your eCard personalized for you and your event on your smartphone. Without paper - and still just as personal. 

Go plan! I'm happy for that!