Digital advent calendar with beautiful affirmations

You want to experience Advent differently and look forward to Christmas? Then you should start every day with a positive affirmation. In my blog article I show you my small, fine digital Advent calendar with affirmation cards for the Christmas season. And if you have already asked yourself which advent calendar is worthwhile from the multitude of offers or whether an advent calendar with beautiful affirmation cards is suitable for you, you may find your answer here.

1. Christmas affirmation eCards for each day as advent calendar

Advent, Advent a little light burns. It will soon be that time and we are all looking forward to the Christmas season and the cozy get-together with the family. But often we are stressed in the hectic pre-Christmas season and forget to do something good for ourselves. With this Christmas affirmation cards Advent calendar you can motivate and relax every day anew.

2. This is how it works: Every day for 24 days I will send you a new affirmation card as an eCard.

Affirmations are short, positive phrases to help you be happy and content. They help you to influence your thoughts positively and to give your personality a new shine. Many people already use affirmation cards successfully to change their lives for the better. You too can use this method and benefit from the positive effects during the wonderful Christmas season!

Every day for 24 days you will receive a new Christmas affirmation card as an eCard by mail. I designed each eCard with love and each digital card contains a different affirmation (a motivational saying) that you can apply for that day. You can also collect the eCard from the digital advent calendar in your photo gallery in your cell phone and always get new inspiration and motivation.

The affirmations from my digital advent calendar should help you to focus on the positive in your life. If you only have a moment every day to deal with the digital affirmation card, that's perfectly fine - the main thing is that you regularly think about the affirmation, read it out loud or silently to yourself and repeat it, and implement it in your everyday life.

3. Examples of affirmations from my Christmas digital advent calendar.

I don't want to give you too much away, but here are some affirmations for your Christmas season:

  • Be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year long
  • Joy always returns, especially in moments when you least expect it.
  • If it comes, let it go - if it goes, let it go
  • Your future is the result of your actions in the present
  • Focus on the people you love, not the ones you don't

4. A christmas advent calendar with affirmations for your very own and personal pre christmas time

I hope this article helped you to understand why affirmations can be important for you and can decelerate your pre-Christmas period. If you are still not convinced how this works with a digital card or a Christmas affirmation card, here is a link to a FREE affirmation card, which you will receive as a download immediately after the 0 Euro purchase.

You can find my Christmas affirmation card advent calendar here. Every day in December you will receive a new positive affirmation card and I am sure you will soon realize how much they help you. Give yourself some me-time and do something good for yourself!

If you have any questions about my Affirmations Advent Calendar, feel free to contact me!

I am looking forward to your message!


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