School enrollment invitation cards

Great templates for an invitation to school that you can easily create and send immediately to all guests as a paperless WhatsApp invitation to start school.

Templates for your invitation to school

Would you like to surprise your family and loved ones with a very special invitation when school starts? Then design a template for the invitation to school that comes from the heart with just a few clicks! I have a large selection of templates for enrollment invitations in my shop that you can easily send by email or WhatsApp without having to resort to paper and shipping.

My templates for Invitation cards for school enrollment are designed in a modern and elegant way, so that you can find the perfect template for you and don't have to do without a beautiful design. But the best part is that you can easily personalize your invitation card with your own text and images.

Digital invitations have many advantages: They are cheap because you only have to create one card ;-), environmentally friendly and save you an incredible amount of time. You no longer have to print cards or send letters. Instead, you can send your invitation card directly to your guests with just a few clicks, giving them a very personal treat and surprising them.

My goal is really to offer you an easy and stress-free way to send your invitation cards to the to design enrollment. With the many digital templates, you can quickly and easily create and send individual invitations.

So, let's design your unique school enrollment invitation card together! Feel free to browse my shop, discover the large selection of templates and our user-friendly templates so that you can design your digital invitation card in no time at all.

I love to create beautiful invitation cards and greeting cards. And I am convinced that every celebration should be something very special and that you can already look forward to the celebration with an invitation card!

Digitalization opens up so many new possibilities for us and I think that we should use them to protect our environment. With my eCards you can do exactly that, you can send a card completely paperless via your mobile phone without having to forego an elegant & beautiful design.

Feel free to look around in my card shop and discover the many beautiful invitation cards and greeting cards I made for you. You're guaranteed to find a card that says exactly what you want to say. Let my passion for card making inspire you and give your guests or the card recipient(s) an unforgettable treat.

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Your question, my answer:

How can I design my own invitation card for school enrolment?

You can easily design your invitation card with a card template from my shop. You simply choose a template that suits you, create it with a text of your choice and send it to all guests immediately after purchase.

Are there ready-made templates for the invitation card for school enrolment?

You can choose your desired card from a variety of templates and create it with your desired text. Almost all cards can be adapted to any conceivable occasion. All you have to do is enter your desired text and you can turn an invitation for a birthday into an invitation for the start of school at any time.

Can I also send my invitation cards digitally?

Yes of course! Because that's exactly what my eCards or digital invitation cards are designed for. You can easily view the map like an image on your smartphone, e.g. B. send via WhatsApp. But sending it as an e-mail is also absolutely no problem.

How many invitation cards for school enrollment should I order?

It is usually sufficient if you send an eCard order. You can then send this to as many guests as you like. If you want different salutations or you want to distinguish between the salutation "you" and "you", then you create two or more digital invitation cards.

Can I personalize my invitation card for school enrollment and add my own texts and Create photos?

You can create all templates with your desired text. The templates are specified so that there is a maximum number of characters. I made sure that your invitation card for school enrollment was created in an attractive way. You can easily design many templates with a photo of the school child.