Colección: 1st Birthday Invitation

Are you planning a first birthday party for your little one? Here are a few tips to help you throw a great celebration! There's no need to invite a huge group of friends or plan an over-the-top event. One-year-olds don't usually care about that stuff. Just focus on making sure Baby is comfortable and having fun. Consider your child's tolerance for groups and chaos, and invite people accordingly. You can always save the big party ideas for another year, when Baby will be old enough to enjoy things like pony rides and organized games. Most experts recommend keeping the event to one or one and a half hours. While the guest of honor will enjoy the special elements of their birthday celebration, it's the photos that Baby will have to look back on as memories of the day. A First Birthday doesn't necessarily require a professional photographer, but it can be a good idea to have someone designated to take pictures. You're likely to be busy when you most want a photo, so ask a friend or relative who's good with a camera to be mindful about capturing those iconic moments.

If your child has expressed a definite preference for a toy or character or color, you have your theme! But it’s okay if your strategy is choosing a color that’s easy to find in the party section. At this stage of the birthday game, one or two key decorations plus balloons will carry the day. Mylar is generally considered safer for this age, as latex balloons can pose a choking hazard when the inevitable pop occurs. Even with Mylars, be aware of the potential hazards posed by attached ribbons., so plan ahead how you’ll handle singing-wishing-blowing out moment..

To get the perfect shot of baby's birthday cake moment, set up a simple but festive backdrop. An inexpensive vinyl tablecloth will protect the floor and adding a few balloons or streamers, as well as a birthday sign to blank wall space, will keep the focus on Baby. If your child will be in a high chair, attach some crepe paper, party garland or small sign to the front of where the camera will see it - and out of reach! Get into your photographer stance and do one final check of decoration placement before taking the picture. This way you can avoid any undesired props in scrapbooking later!